The Purpose of “33 Days”

The 33 Days strategy was created in response to literally hundreds of requests from church leaders across the denominational spectrum. In the process of partnering with churches to raise more than two billion dollars for ministry projects, INJOY Stewardship Services (ISS) was asked one question repeatedly. The question was expressed in a variety of ways, but it can be summarized like this: You’ve helped us raise capital funds to meet a major need. Can you help us to meet the ongoing, annual needs of our ministry? One pastor put it this way: “We’ve raised the money and built the building. How can we keep raising our people and building strong, fully-committed stewards?”

The answer to that question is extraordinarily important because it goes right to the heart of what stewardship is. All too often the word stewardship is given a very narrow definition, focusing only on the management of money. It is infinitely more than that. Stewardship encompasses virtu­ally every part of life. It is the wise) purposeful management of all that we have and all that we are. To understand stewardship is to grasp the essence of life’s meaning. To practice stewardship is to fulfill that meaning in a way that pleases God and satisfies the most profound human longings.

33 Days of Stewardship was created to communicate this truth and to motivate Christians to put it into practice. It’s a simple plan with tremendous potential, a strategy to guide believers to a point where they experience …
• A deeper understanding of their personal relationship to Christ
• A better perspective on what really matters in life
• A bolder commitment to manage what God has entrusted to them
• A broader expression of their faith in all areas of life
• A clearer concept of their place in God’s plan
In achieving these purposes, the 33 Days strategy makes a contribution of incalculable value.

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